Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is there a pathway access restriction during the school day?
A: The school currently allows members of the public to gain access to the school grounds under a permitted right of way.  In order to adequately ensure that students are safeguarded during school operating hours it has become necessary to restrict access to the site during normal school opening hours (0830 – 1500hrs weekdays).

Hampshire County Council, Eastleigh Borough Council and other relevant authorities have all been consulted.

Pedestrian access to the Community Sports Complex can be gained by using Satchell Lane. Disabled, vulnerable and elderly users of the Community Sports Complex can arrange access via the school grounds during school operating hours by contacting the Community Centre Manager on 023 8045 2321 or by email to cwest@hamblesportscomplex.com

Q: What is the temperature of the swimming pool?
A: Our pool is kept at 30 degrees centigrade.

Q: Does the Centre have air conditioning?
A: The dance studio has air con and the fitness suite has windows on 3 of the 4 walls to allow ventilation.

Q: Is there a Cafe on site?
A: Yes there is a coffee shop open on site and there are also vending machines.

Q: Do you offer Gymnastic Birthday parties?
A: They are organised by a separate company based here and you can contact them direct on
023 8045 5007

Q: Do you have squash courts?
A: No but there are some in Hamble located in the police training college site.

Q: Can you play football in the Sports Hall?
A: No I’m afraid not, to keep the facilities in an excellent condition for indoor badminton and basketball it is school policy that all football is played outdoors. We do have an Astro Turf on site though.

Q: Do you have public football pitches?
A: We have pitches available for under 14’s only.

Q: What size coin does the lockers take?
A: The lockers are £1.00 which is returned to you after use.